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Menicon Night Z Ortho-K

Sleep off your shortsightedness !

See clearly throughout the day with Menicon Z Night – without any glasses and contact lenses

Yes, it can be done.

The Menicon Z Night opens up a whole new perspective in correcting your shortsighted vision.
Thanks to the corrective effect that Menicon Z Night has on the cornea, you can simply sleep off your shortsighted vision.
Enjoy the day and engage in all the activities that you always wanted, without the hassle of glasses or contact lenses.
This is known as Orthokeratology or Ortho-K in short.

Why is Menicon Z Night Ortho-K lenses a highly preferred choice?

  • Menicon Z night lenses are FDA approved for overnight wear and is the first to be classified in the “hyper-oxygen transmissibility” category by a leading expert in the field of oxygen permeability research.
  • Ortho-K lenses have shown to be able to control myopia from increasing. It is especially helpful for young children 7 to 12 years old whereby their myopia increases the most during this phase.
  • The Menicon Z Night ortho-K lenses are only worn at night during sleep instead of day wear. This reshapes the cornea for optimal vision during the night and provides sharp vision when it is taken out in the morning.
  • It empowers you to engage in any land and water sports without the hassle of glasses or contact lenses.
  • Good news for patients who have found soft contact lenses unwearable because of common eye dryness and allergy issues with soft lenses.
  • Ortho-K is fully reversible as compared to refractive surgery.
  • It is also suitable for post lasik patients who experience a gradual worsening of their myopia after a few years.


How does Z Night work?

Menicon Z Night is a reverse geometry contact lens.
The base curve is responsible for flattening the central cornea and thus reducing myopia.
The reverse curve is the link between the central and tangential peripheral parts of the lens.
The tear reservoir zone is located in the reverse curve, which, together with the three fenestrations, allows optimum tear exchange. The tangential curve allows adequate centration of the lens on the eye.


With its special geometry, Z Night shapes your cornea gently so that you are able to see clearly and sharply throughout the day.
The central area of the cornea is reshaped into the ideal profile comfortably with no pain.

The effective power range that the lenses are able to correct is
-0.50 to -4.00 degrees of myopia and
-0.00 to -0.75 degrees of astigmatism.

The whole process of myopia reduction takes 3 weeks, with the first week showing about 50% of improvement.
This process is fully reversible.
If you do not want to wear the Z Night any longer, your eyes go back to their original condition and degree.

Fitting of the Z Night Ortho-K Lenses

Initial Assessment

During the first visit, we will assess if you are suitable for this modality of myopia control and reduction.

We will check your eyes’ degree to see if it fits into the effective range of correction. Then, we examine the front segment of your MeniconZNight3eyes using an instrument known as the slit lamp bio-microscope to ensure that the cornea and conjunctiva and tear flow are in suitable conditions for the treatment.

After which, we will perform careful mapping of your corneas’topography using the Medmont E300, generally regarded as the gold standard in corneal topography. After accurate measurements are taken, the data will be in-sync with the Menicon EASYFIT Software to generate the most suitable lens, out of more than a thousand different variable parameters to begin the orthokeratology treatment.

Teaching session on insertion, removal and lens care

Following the order and the manufacture of your customized Z night lenses we will teach you how to insert, remove and maintain the lenses.

This session may require more than one time especially if you are a first time contact lens user. We hereby assure you that most of our patients are able to accomplish these tasks, as long as you are patient and persistent with your practice.

Now, you will be wearing Z Night for the first time over night.

Follow-up Visit

1. We examine your eyes, your visual acuity and the topography of your cornea as well as examine the condition of your cornea within 3 hours of lens removal in the morning after the 1st night.

2. The second examination takes place after one week. We make a comparative measurement. Your visual acuity is monitored and should be 50 % corrected now.

3. Three weeks later, we create a new topographic image of your cornea. This enables us to initiate modifications of the Z Night that might be necessary. Now, your visual acuity should have attained its full potential.

The next follow-up visit is scheduled 2 months later, afterwards every 6 months. Z Night has to be replaced annually.