Tokai Lenses

TOKAI Premium Lenses

Established in 1939, Tokai lenses are renowned for their high quality in over 50 countries.

Our customers are notably impressed and happy with 2 of their signature products

(I ) Tokai Super Power Shield (SPS) Lenses
(II) RESONAS Premium High Performance (SPS) Progressive Lenses
Tokai-SPS-2 Tokai-SPS-3 Tokai-SPS
The Super Power Shield coating created by Tokai’s innovative “thin film technology”offers outstanding resistance and durability.Super-Power-Shield-Tokai

It is offered at 3 indexes of 1.60 1.70 and 1.76 with

  • Aspheric Design
  • High Quality Anti-Reflective Coating
  • High Level of UV Protection

If you are looking for a pair of high quality lenses offered at high value for money, we highly recommend the TOKAI Super Power Shield (SPS) lenses.

Most of our customers who has used these lenses are very satisfied with the quality and repeat ordering them.
Resonas-FIT-2 Resonas-FIT
RESONAS, Tokai’s Premium Line of Progressive Lenses is based on their unique neuroscience technology. Spherical front curve combining 3D back surface design on inner curve – This produces wide smooth vision in each area of the lens.
Rear power compensation surface – Aberrations zones are smoothed and redistributed, creating a lens that is effortlessly easy to adapt to.

For progressive lens users, we highly recommend the Tokai RESONAS Series.