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Comprehensive Eye Health Screening

Why is it important to have a Comprehensive Eye Health Screening?

Your Eye Guardian Eye CheckBecause there are inherent eye diseases such as glaucoma and retinal diseases that can result in blindness.

YOUR EYE GUARDIAN is an optometry practice established in 2002 and we specialize in providing comprehensive eye health screening.

Using advanced ocular diagnostic instruments along with professional expertise, we conduct the following tests:

(A) Digital Retinal Photography

The retina is a highly photo sensitive film at the back of the eye which receives vision. The retinal camera captures images of the retina evaluate its health.

It detects retinal abnormalities such as diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataract and papilledema.


(B) Computerized Tonometry

This instrument known as the tonometer blows a gentle puff of air onto the cornea of the eye to measure the internal

Computerized Tonometry     Glaucoma
3.2% of Singaporeans over 40 years of age has Glaucoma. Most cases have gone unnoticed until it has reached its terminal stage

Very high IOP reading requires immediate treatment

Very high IOP reading of (L) 47mmHg requires immediate treatment

(C) Slit Lamp Biomicroscopy


The high magnification slit lamp biomicroscope examines anterior eye segments such as the cornea, eye lid, lashes, conjunctiva as well as the depth of the anterior chamber (primary closed angle glaucoma screening) and cataract.

(D) Visual Acuity Test & Refraction

By far, the most reliable method to examine the degree of shortsighted, astigmatism, long-sighted and presbyopia is
the century old method of testing with the chart known as subjective refraction. We conduct a careful subjective refraction to have an accurate reading of your eyes degree, which is vital in the prescription of a good pair of glasses.

Visual Acuity Test & Refraction

(E) FDT Visual Field Testing

Humphrey_FDT fig3

The Humphery Frequency Doubling Technology is Fast and Effective in using Flickers to test the Field of View.
It is useful in the detection of visual field loss in glaucoma, cataract and neurological disorders (probable brain tumor) The age to test is >18 to 85 years old.

(F) Optometrist Consultation & Immediate Results
We will explain the test results as well as provide you with professional advise on any question that you have regarding your eyes.

Examination Charges:

The individual charge for each test is as follow:

1. Retinal Photography – $35
2. Computerized Tonometry – $10
3. Slit Lamp Biomicroscopy – $15
4. Subjective Refraction – $30
5. FDT Test – $30
6. Optometrist Consultation – $30

Total – $150

Package fee for 1 to 6 is $80