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Onsite Eye Health Screening


Look to the future – improve employee health by making eyecare an integral part of your employee health and wellness programme.

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Because vision is consistently ranked as the most important sense, it is only logical that every employee health and wellness programme should include eye health. For an idea of how an eyecare benefit that promotes eye health can enhance your employees’ productivity and performance, consider the following:

  • Retinal diseases account for 47.3% of blindness in Singapore.
  • Glaucoma is the third leading cause of blindness in the world and is responsible for more than 5.2 million cases. In Singapore, 3.2% of the population aged 40 years and above have glaucoma.
  • Two-thirds of employees would trade a vacation day for eyecare benefits.
  • A recent study found that people who work with computers and are short-sighted have an increased risk of glaucoma – the chance of developing this eye disease is almost doubled in short-sighted intensive computer users.


Regular and thorough eye health screening can sometimes detect serious illness, such as diabetes or high blood pressure, and may curb healthcare costs later on. Some other serious, but manageable optical conditions that may be discovered in a thorough eye health screening include:

Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) – the gradual deterioration of the light-sensitive tissue found at the back of the eye that causes vision loss among older populations.

Cataract – a natural clouding of the eye lens that leads to some degree of vision loss, ranging from fading colours to blindness.

Diabetic Retinopathy – a major cause of blindness in people with diabetes that causes the blood vessels in the eyes to swell, leak or grow on the retina.

Glaucoma – an increase in fluid pressure inside the eye that can cause optic nerve damage and blindness.



Through a Comprehensive Eye Health Screening by Your Eye Guardian, you can help your employees prevent and manage eye diseases and health problems. During the Comprehensive Eye Health Screening, Your Eye Guardian optometrists are checking for visual wellness and health, including these key tests:

Vision Test – an eyesight test is the primary line of defence in detecting any vision-related problems which may have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Glaucoma Screening – the computerised ‘air-puff ’ tonometer blows a puff of air on the eyes to measure the ‘internal eye pressure’known as the Intra-Ocular Pressure, or IOP. The optic nerve heads (ONH) are also evaluated using the high- tech digital retinal camera. A high reading may be indicative of an eye disease known as Primary Open Angle Glaucoma, which causes blindness without any symptoms. Glaucoma, like retinal diseases, progresses very slowly. Symptoms do not show up until it is too late for any treatment to be successful. It is imperative that glaucoma be detected early by an optometrist.

Cataract screening – early detection of formation of cataracts is helpful as proper advice and measures can be recommended to slow its progression.

Digital retinal photography (retinal health evaluation) – retinal disease, such as diabetic retinopathy, is a prevalent cause of blindness. The real danger lies in how most eye diseases progress very slowly and symptoms do not surface until it is too late for any treatment to be effective. Using the high-tech Digital Retinal Camera, Your Eye Guardian captures high-resolution images of the inner film’ of the eye called the retina. This inner film is responsible for clear vision. Problems in the retina inevitably cause blindness and early detection of these diseases is thus crucial.

Individual eye health report with retinal photos – Your optometrist will become your trusted source in the prevention of blindness and in providing you with clear vision. Optometrists at Your Eye Guardian have undergone strict training and are experts at detecting problems on and within the eyes. A regular examination with Your Eye Guardian presents an opportunity to enjoy the undivided attention of an optometrist, to ask any questions or discuss any concerns regarding eye health.

What’s more, for you and your employees’ convenience, Your Eye Guardian is able to bring its eye health screening technology to your office. You will also receive an analysis report of your company’s overall ocular health at the end of the exercise.

Your Eye Guardian also conducts seminars (in English or Mandarin) on eye health topics, including myopia,glaucoma, cataract, eye infections and laser myopia LASIK correction and more. Contact us for further details.


Sign your company up now for our Mobile Comprehensive Eye Health Screening with a minumum of 30 participants and pay only $30 per employee ( usual price $80 )