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Are your staff & colleagues suffering silently from eye strain and blurry vision? How long has it been since you have organized an eye health event?

In a speech by Mr Gan Kim Yong, Minister of Health at the opening of the National Eye Care Week on November 2011, he stated that the prevalence of myopia in Singapore is one of the highest in the world. Our work habits and lifestyle choices contribute to this significantly due to the nature of our jobs in an urban society.

Our eyes are an important part of our lives. Good vision is critical and essential to our daily activities as well as to the overall quality of life. As we age, our eyesight will also deteriorate. However, vision problems can often be prevented or delayed through early detection and treatment.

Call us to reserve this free, enriching , lively and highly beneficial talk to learn more about your eyes, how to care for them, and the preventive measures you can take to maintain your eye health.


During this session, find out more about:

  • Myopia and the situation among Singaporeans
  • Glaucoma and its dangers
  • The consequence of diabetes, hypertension and high myopia on eye health
  • Hand phones, laptops and your eyes
  • Cataracts and its phacoemulsification procedure
  • Pros and Cons of Lasik eye sight correction surgery
  • How to maintain your ocular health and prevent blindness
  • The truth and myths about the eyes explored

About the Speaker

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Benny Chang/Optometrist/YOUR EYE GUARDIAN

Benny is a practicing optometrist with more than 18 years of clinical experience. He has held various eye talks and eye checks for companies ranging from government boards, banks and multinational corporations.

He established YOUR EYE GUARDIAN in 2002 to provide reliable and professional care for his patient’s eyes.

Please contact us to register your interest by calling 62753373 or email to youreyeguardian@gmail.com