YOUR EYE GUARDIAN is founded in 2002. We are an optometry center dedicated to provide professional eye health examination using advanced instruments. With these equipments coupled with our decades of experience, we assist our client in knowing the health status of their eyes thereby if we detect any eye disease that are inherent, we can refer them to an eye specialist to treat the problem.

We also committed in the emphasize on the importance of a good fitting pair of glasses. Our glasses are specially chosen to be light and fit well on the face.

YOUR EYE GUARDIAN has 3 imperative missions:

Preventing Blindness
YOUR EYE GUARDIAN provides reliable and professional eye care in the early detection of silent eye blinding diseases. Even though you are able to see perfectly well, it does not mean that you will not suffer from silent and blinding eye diseases such as glaucoma and retinal diseases. These are just some of the potential eye diseases that can rob you of your vision in a very short period of time, if undetected.

Making Good Glasses
YOUR EYE GUARDIAN understands the importance of having a pair of well fitted spectacle frame with comfortable spectacle prescription and lenses. Hence our opticians will go through great lengths to ensure that the very spectacles that you purchase fits nicely, properly and comfortably.

That is our promise to you.

Building Friendship
You are more than a customer. You are our friend. We receive you with open arms, provide you with excellent eye care support, service and friendship.

About Benny Chang

  • Graduated as Optometrist 1997, practices optometry every since graduate.
  • Assisted in research work and public talks and with the late Assoc Professor Chew Sek Jin, renowned as a pioneer in myopia research and was president of the Myopia International Research Foundation.
  • Public Speaker on eye health seminars.
  • Conducts Public Eye Health Screening for Institution, companies and Community Centers.
  • Specializes in Internal Eye Examination for Glaucoma and Retinal Diseases.
  • Specializes in Fitting of Progressive Lenses.
  • Provides Examination and Consultation for various Eye Discomfort such as red eyes, excessive tearing, dry eyes, floaters, flashes of light, distorted and blur vision.