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Testimonials1“Benny professionally fitted me with the best valued progressive lens glasses and I’m very happy and impressed with his level of knowledge. What is more commendable is his after sales services. Rectified my issue very quickly. Will highly recommend anyone needing such services. Keep up the great work Benny!!”

– Kelvin Teoh


“Benny is very professional n patience with all my requests. The eye test conducted is very thorough too.”

– Juliana Koh


“It’s not only my eye guardian but my family’s eye guardian. Friendly, quality service and affordably priced.”

– Mani Maran

“Never imagined that I would patronize a one-man optical shop again after a bad experience years ago. However, a casual inquiry recently brought me back to Your Eye Guardian and that was when I met Benny Chang. I expected to stay no more than 10 minutes but ended up staying an hour and having a pair of prescription glasses made. Not only was Benny a very patient optometrist ( he was attending to an elderly customer who was there before me), he proved to be very knowledgeable and thorough in his work. When I collected my specs a week later, it was the best fit I have had in a pair of new glasses in years. Thank you Benny!”

– Thomas Teo


“Thanks Benny! I am another happy customer!”

– Winne Mah


“Just got a new pair of specs at a very reasonable price today. Thanks Benny Chang! Check out Your Eye Guardian if you’ve a need for quality eyewear!”

– Ryan Chow

“Benny’s my family’s favorite optometrist Always attentive.”

– Robert Sim

“Today, was her eye checkup day. I don’t know how to describe it, but looking back I think a wondrous thing happened here.
She was already prepped, she was ready. I made sure she knows what is expected, and just hope that she is willing to communicate through me.
Our optometrist was very inviting, very encouraging. I think the environment was peaceful and easy to manage her senses. But what took us away was how he engaged her, with real conversations, sharing and amongst all his really really warm smiles and laughter
Although she did not speak, she was engaged. She used her hands to tell him what she see. Watching her unfold with his lead was wonderful. Well, although we found out that it’s true she has myopia, she was not upset, nor was she in any way disturbed. She even found her specs looking fun
I’m blessed to have your support, and my little one has gained another wonderful experience and competence today. Thank you so much.”
– Claire Ang with her daughter Anna